Venice the most evocative and fascinating Romantic City. Is certainly the one to live as a couple, with family and friends. This unique city can be discovered  by boat, in gondola, walking tour, along the magnificent Grand Canal and around it’s islands. There are many ways to enjoy the venetion style, having a tea in one of the typical location at St. Mark Square, lunch in one of the unique places where it all started “Torcello Island” who holds various restaurants with green and elegant gardens, a candlelight dinner on the evening and more… Now, please take a moment and choose what ever service will meet your needs or maybe you would like to suprise your Loved One | Your Friend | Your Parents |  Voucher Gift Idea | Give yourself a treat.

City Tour By Boat

You have no time, but you would like to discover this unique city and you don’t know how to do it? A tour by boat will give you an idea of how this city was and it is, the tour will sail the lagoon waters and lead you to reconnect with the surrounding nature and it's beauty. With this experience you won’t admire only this unique city, but you get the opportunity to explore it's small islands, that make it even more unique and interesting, because without them Venice would be different in every aspect.
How long does it take to vivit Venice by boat? to visit the main area through "Gand Canal" the main street "canal" it takes around one hour by boat.
How long does it take to discover from some aspescts Venice and it's Islands? will take around 4h to 6h with a short stop for lunch in one of non turistic restaurants on the islands, only if you wish.

Romantic Tour By Boat

You don't know how to surprise your Loved One | Your Friend | Gifts Idea | Enjoy Life a tour by boat is the answer, how? a bottle of Italian/ Venetian wine | Tour with Venetian Chicchetti | Brackfast on board | A Sunset on board | Marrieage proposal
How long does it take? around Venice for a beautiful sunset landscape and appetizer from one hour to one hour in a half.
How many people can stay in the boat? maximum 8 people.. so you have friends | family and you want to surprice them? a tour by boat will be the perfect moment to share with them.

wellness venice

Wellness in Venice

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure take a moment from your busy schedule and enjoy our wellness services at the park, in your hotel or in our studio Olistica Venezia: - Yoga Wellness: a specific yoga practice the lesson is specific for free stress, eliminate neck and back pain, tiredness, mental and physical relaxation and many other benefits for psychophysical well-being.

- Yoga power.
- Fitness: a personal trainer who where you can train based on your needs.

- Massagge: our team practice holistic massages in the form of therapy. Holistic massage is a practice that focuses on treating the individual as a whole. You can choose, option:
1. Balancing Bioenergetic Massage 50 min: A new psycho-corporeal therapeutic technique based on traditional Chinese medicine, which allows the release of energy blockages, relaxing the muscles, draining excess fluids and offering toned skin. It helps in cases of energy blockages, stress, premenstrual pain, anxiety, lack of vitality, stress, swelling, etc.
2. Relaxing Massage Anti-stress 25min. A massage dedicated to awakening the senses! Through massage techniques for the head, neck, shoulders and arms area and organic essential oils suitable for releasing tension and calming the mind to stimulate the microcirculation. Strengthening vessels, sense organs and nerves. A profound abandonment thanks also to the olfactory experience allowing you to disconnect from daily stress. A moment for your well-being, with a deep relaxation action.

- Mindfulness


1 Day Tour

They say "doesn't matter from where you start to explore this unique city you will end up in the same place"... Why? because Venice was build on top of small islands which are connected by small bridges of which 4 main bridges "Bridge of the Costitution , Berefoot Bridge, Rialto Bridge, Accademia Bridge, ", there is no escape from Venice except at Piazzale Roma where the lagoon meets the mainland.
You don't know where to start, how to move around? there is no neet to think twice here is your answer: a walking tour for few hours with stop at Saint Mark square where you can admire this wonderful outdoor lounge which hosts: the Cathedral of St. Mark, The Doge Palace, Historical Caffè such as Caffè Florian, shops and much more where you can get a guide | assistant to vist the cathedral, museum Correr etc...
The discovery of Venice and its unique places doens't stop here: a short walk from St. Mark to "ponte dei sospiri" (Bridge of Sighs), a tour by boat to the islands or Grand Canal, with stop at "San Giorgio Maggiore Island".


Intinerary Tour by Walking

Discover the hidden corners, the mysteries, venetian life style, culture and not only. This type of tour prioritises observation, promotes meetings, overcomes ideological and religious barriers and makes us more aware and tolerant.
How we organize? here comes our expert in tailormade tours: first of all we would like to know your interests or maybe you just like to leave for a day - the Venetian everyday life style, seen that Venice is "on open-air museum" as I prefer to call it. Now we know how to make your experience unforgettabel.
How long does it take to visit Venice,? for sure more then a day, it depends on how much time do you have , for example from minimum 2 h up to "you will let you decide"..
How long does it take to visit the Islands (Murano well known for handmade glass factory | Burano well known for it's "buranelli cookies" & lace | Torcello with "Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta" the first island who gave life to Venice and it is green gardens & restaurants) for sure
half- dayin case you get a boat at your disposal or by public transportation a day.

personal shopper

Image Consultant & Shopping Tour

Are you finding yourself in a City like Venice, Verona, Milan, Florence where:
- you don’t know
- you have no time - simply looking for a perfect outfit for everyday life style
– you need gift advice for a romantic evening | day or you just want a sincere advice?

No problem, what ever reason you have we are here to make your day easier and your experience unique. We are based in Venice here are many places were to shop: it is a city of art and culture, but also an ideal place to shop, suitable for all kinds of personality. How we work? we identify your needs, we are listening to your wants and then we will advice you what can meet those requirements. Please feel at your ease to give us as many information about your personality, will would like to find out more about you, because "style defines who you are not the brand of your dress code".
A typical day with us? During our shopping tour we will stop for an Italian appetizer | tea time in one of our casuale | elegant (as you wish) locations in the city and we will introduce you to its magical all to discover.(Venice, Verona, Milan, Cortina)

Gondola Ride

Gondola unique experience through the picturesque canals and glimpses of indescribable beauty, a tip on board the boat that has accompanied the Serenissima since the dawn of its history.

Guide Tour Service

Expert and professional guide in all international languages with knowledge of the area where will accompany you to your favorite or main points that will take you to discover this magnificent city with its museums, most important cathedrals and byound Venice and its islands.